Dove Release for Weddings at Nutfield Priory Wedding Venue in Redhill

When organising your wedding, there are plenty of special touches you can add to ensure it’s as memorable as possible for you and your guests. A dove release is a great way to create a magical moment for all your loved ones to enjoy.

If you’re searching for wedding dove release services for the Nutfield Priory wedding venue in Redhill, Surrey, our team is here to make your vision a reality.

Nutfield Priory Dove Release Services

The Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa is one of the most desired and beautiful wedding venues in the local area, thanks to its Victorian country house hotel set in stunning grounds.

The gardens are the ideal place for you to choose to release the doves, and we’ll work closely with your photographer if you’d like us to ensure the moment is captured in the best light.

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    What should you expect when choosing Dove Actually?

    • Use the expertise of our professional and experienced team

    • We’ll guide you through the process, so you’ll understand what happens on the day

    • Release the doves by hand or from a basket

    • Choose from a range of packages to suit your requirements

    • Clear and upfront pricing from the start

    While a dove release service is one of our most popular options, we also provide doves in display cages too.

    This involves the use of white fantail doves which aren’t suitable for release. You could display the cages inside the venue if they agreed, or many like to keep them either side of the entrance as a special welcome for guests as they arrive.

    Thank you so so much for today. I’d kept it together for most of the day but the doves just blew me away. It was such a lovely touch and the way you handled my son was just amazing. Thank you and Chris so so much.

    Poppy , Chipstead, Surrey

    Choosing a Tailored Package

    There are three packages for you to choose from but speak to our friendly, knowledgeable team if there are any other requirements you have.

    Package 1 – Dove Release

    If opting for package 1, two white doves can be released from a beautiful heart shaped basket adorned with your decorative ribbons.


    Package 2 – Fantail Doves

    Select the display cages you want which will hold white fantail doves. These birds are not for release but can be displayed either inside your venue (with permission) or at the entrance.


    Package 3 – Combined

    Package three combines both a dove release service and fantail display cages.


    Creating Special Memories with Beautiful White Doves

    As a family run business, we know how important your wedding day is, not just to the couple but your friends and family too. That’s why we like to ensure you find the experience of working with our friendly team enjoyable from the planning through to the day itself. Let us know who you’d like us to liaise with, including your coordinator at the Nutfield Priory Hotel to make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ll talk to you about your wedding theme and colours as you can even select decorative ribbons to fit in with aspects such as your flowers and bridesmaid dresses.

    We have several packages available, including those which include release doves only, fantail doves in display cages or a combination of the two. Whether releasing from the basket or by hand, we’ll guide you throughout, so you can just enjoy the moment on the day. Doves represent anything from joy and peace to the start of a fresh beginnings, achieving poignant and happy memories for you to cherish forever.

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    As our birds are strong flyers, we work across the South East, including Surrey, Kent, London and Sussex. To speak to our team about how we can help, we’re on hand to answer all your burning questions. For all enquiring relating to dove release services for weddings, call our office on 020 3794 7055 or send us a message now.

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