Our Doves

Release Dove

Our beautiful release doves which are pure white in colour and quite simply are kept white due to their housing conditions add that finishing touch to any event and are symbolic in love and peace. Our doves fly free daily from their location in Banstead, Surrey and are trained weekly if not daily, from various release venues throughout London and the Home Counties.

Fantail Dove

We keep and breed two types of doves. The fantail dove which are used in display cages only and never for release. These beautiful ornate fantail doves look amazing in display cages either side of an entrance to a venue. Our fantails have large tails this has been breed through years of selective breeding and provides the most striking of all the fantail types.

What gives these large fantails, is the number of tail feathers as opposed to the traditional garden fantail. Due to their rather large size they are housed individually in each display cages either side of an entrance to a venue or for wedding purposes look fantastic in front of an altar.

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