About Us

Dove actually was formed and founded by brother and sister team Chris Hughes and Nicky Davis and it all started a very long time ago when Chris was a very young boy and whilst on a family outing to the coast Chris’s dad decided to stop off at a country pub and within the gardens of the pub was a beautiful dovecote.

Chris drove his dad mad every time they were going to the coast and wanted to stop off at the pub to admire the doves, it wasn’t long, as young boys do annoy their dads into acquiring some doves. Fortunately for Chris his dad was a master carpenter and was much geared up in designing and building housing for birds. Ever since then Chris has been an avid bird keeper and breeder.

His main passion being for white doves and ornate fantails, as well as keeping and breeding other species of birds.

Like all enthusiast whether you’re a breeder of birds, cats or dogs within the circles everyone pretty much knows everyone. Chris has always provided white doves for release for friends and family and then all of a sudden as things do it went beyond friends and family so here we have DOVE ACTUALLY.

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