Frequently Asked Questions

The doves are very strong flyers and in most cases are mostly home before us. In good wind conditions they often fly between 40-60 mph

The doves will generally only make a mess whilst walking on the ground, not even will they make a mess whilst in flight.

We are professional business and very much pride ourselves on our experience, presentation and the happiness expressed by our customers. This is a full time job (all the time.)

Our doves can be released at any time allowing adequate time for their flight home before dusk.

We cannot release our doves in very bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, thunder storms, fog or snow. If we do have to cancel the release due to bad weather we will always offer an alternative day and release time or offer a full refund. We reserve the right to release should any of the conditions not be met.

Any number of birds can be released.

How they return home is a myth, it is thought they do fly by the earth’s magnetic field.

Yes, the dove are pure white. What helps keep the birds pure white is the way we manage the welfare and look after our doves providing them with clean living accommodation.

Our beautiful doves are released from purpose built baskets or cages. These come in various different colours and can be decorated with your chosen flower arrangement to match the event.

The doves are transported in special travelling baskets which are specially designed for the purpose of carrying birds. The birds are generally kept on wood shavings or a raised floor. The baskets are obviously provided with fresh clean water.

Not a problem, please keep our release handler updated so we are able to accommodate your needs, but please also bear in mind that we do have a limited time of which the birds can be kept in their baskets prior to release.

Fantail doves have no homing instinct what so ever and are only capable of homing and free light close to where they are kept and cannot be released at venues.

No, they only mess when they are on the ground and when they are walking

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