Dove Release for Funerals In Leatherhead

When planning the funeral of a loved one, many like to find special ways to celebrate the life of those who have passed. Organising a dove release is a great way to pay a moving tribute, creating tender memories of what is such a difficult day.

If you’re looking for Leatherhead dove release services for Randalls Park Crematorium, the team at Dove Actually are here to make things easier for you.

Dove Release Leatherhead Services – Create Lasting Memories

Releasing a dove or doves at a funeral of someone you love can create a moment which will leave a lasting, beautiful memory at one of the most devastating times. Doves symbolise love and peace, so the symbolic gesture of watching the doves fly into the distance so freely and at peace can provide comfort for those left behind.

Why choose our dove release services for your funeral?

  • Release one or more beautiful white doves

  • A poignant way to say a final goodbye

  • Professional and respectful handlers

  • A supportive team who respect your wishes

  • Clear and honest pricing throughout – no hidden fees or charges

Contact us about dove release for your funeral service

    Thank you so so much for today. I’d kept it together for most of the day but the doves just blew me away. It was such a lovely touch and the way you handled my son was just amazing. Thank you and Chris so so much.

    Poppy , Chipstead, Surrey

    Being a professional dove release company, you can rest assured that all our birds are kept safely and securely, and our handlers are experienced working at funerals across the county and beyond.

    We’ll guide you throughout, whether releasing one dove or several. A single white dove is often chosen to represent the peaceful, onward journey of the spirit.

    However, you can ask for more to be released if you would prefer, especially if you would like to symbolise the joining of two souls or the spirit being guided by others.

    At Your Side Every Step of the Way

    Our supportive team will guide you through the process of releasing the dove or doves so that you can just focus on what the special moment means to you. You can release them directly from the basket or even do so by hand. Whatever choice feels more fitting on the day, we’ll be with you throughout. As a family run business ourselves, we completely understand how important it is to say goodbye in a sensitive and respectful way.

    While we provide dove release services on the day of the funeral, there may be other times you would like to honour those you love and miss. This includes the scattering of ashes ceremony or what would have been the day of their birthday. Just let us know what you need.

    Dove release services for funerals - Wallington & Bandon Hill Cemetery

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    Our doves fly back home again, so we offer our services across Surrey and surrounding areas. If you want to book a dove release for a Leatherhead funeral, including those being held at Randalls Park Crematorium, we’ve made it simple to contact us and organise everything required for the day. Get in touch now or call our office on 020 3794 7055.

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    Our flying doves can make lasting memories

    In all the ceremonies we have attended, the releasing of doves gives a feeling of peace and calmness and is a way to pay your final respects. The release is both a beautiful and peaceful sight, as they circle upwards and finally disappear from view.

    Are you looking for funeral doves or dove release in Surrey? Call our dove company and we will be delighted to help!

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